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Present on the market for almost 40 years is constantly engaged in a process of research and modernization of the machinery and production technologies.
M.C. Meccanica Caravaggio is a leader in precision mechanics for items turned, milled and ground small to medium size.

M.C. - Front view Address: V. Leonardo da Vinci, 128 Caravaggio (BG) 24043
Phone: (+39)0363-51558 (3 lines R.A.) - fax: (+39)0363-54444
General e-mail: info@meccanicacaravaggio.it
Administration e-mail: amministrazione@meccanicacaravaggio.it
Purchase dpt. e-mail: commerciale@meccanicacaravaggio.it
International e-mail: export@meccanicacaravaggio.it
PEC: mcmagni@pec.it

Since: 1974
Registro imprese BG,PI,CF: IT00435900162


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